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RoboportLogistics is the great Factorio mod. It lets you automatically connect the smart inserters to the nearby roboports in case they are in the right direction. RoboportLogistics allows circuits to read the roboports inventory and the networks robot counts. The robot counts are on the “Signals” tab of the smart inserter. RoboportLogistics 0.1.0 version was released on 23 March 2016. You can download this mod following the link below. Let’s explore and use it as the new way to make your game more interesting!

  • Factorio version:        v0.12.x
  • Author:                       enkindle
  • First version:              0.1.0 ()
  • Last version:               0.1.0 ()
  • Source:              
  • Forum URL:               On the Factorio forums

Download link:

All releases:

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
0.1.0 0.12.x Install 0.1.0 ()

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