Factorio 0.15.4 Released

Factorio 0.15.4 Released

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Factorio 0.15.4

Factorio is a great game about building and creating factories in order to produce complex items, set in a 2D world. Indeed, it is a survival challenge when you are trapped on a strange planet. You have to use the own imagination to design, combine elements to build structures, as well as defend them from wicked creatures. The update contains a lot of changes and bugfixes along with other important information. The first thing we want to mention is differences from the previous patches.

Factorio 0.15.4 Released


  • permission reset is added, which allows players to reset all of the permissions to default.
  • Currently, you are able to see steam and water content of fluid wagons separately in the locomotive tooltip.
  • Not only that, the “minimum chunks between new bases” map generation setting has been removed because it can’t do anything usefully.
  • Aside from that, re-added custom /color support through /color r g b a
  • For PvP, a biter easing option is also added in order to prevent excessively large bases from getting too close to team starting areas.

The new version will bring a lot of interesting bugfixes to the Factorio multiplayer game.


  • Fixed the crash which happened when you built rails while a train was keeping in reserve some of the signals
  • Fixed the bug where you could set the inserter stack size over the researched maximum by giving negative numbers with the circuit network
  • Fixed the issues related to combinators continued to output signals after they disconnected the input
  • Fixed the bugs where the blueprint would reference force it was generated on and crash in rendering if that didn’t exist anymore
  • Fixed the names of books which were stored in the blueprint library would not be preserved after you saved and loaded
  • Fixed the bug of supply scenario which could sometimes display the next level button in error
  • Fixed the issue of the rocket silo which didn’t copy the auto-launch option in blueprints
  • Fixed the trouble involved using Sulfuric Acid recipe 10 times less water
  • Fixed the problem of dropping blueprints into a book located inside the library would sometimes drop the wrong design
  • Fixed the crash when you changed mod settings runtime while you were in a multiplayer battle
  • Fixed the bug when opening up a blueprint library after calling game.remove_offline_players() would crash the Factorio download game
  • Fixed that –start-server couldn’t search for the save file when sending a name without the .zip suffix
  • Fixed the bug that you couldn’t export a blueprint book into another
  • Fixed the issue that you couldn’t get the same blueprint multiple times in the library
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn’t grab a blueprint in the library while you were holding a deconstruction planner
  • Fixed desync when you moved over areas outside of the radar range in zoomed-to-world view
  • Fixed the crash when you left the technology price multiplier blank
  • Fixed crash when you removed the modded rails during save migration
  • Fixed the lab which had not any power would be still rendered as active
  • Fixed the bug of several instances of the laser user field that would not get updated
  • Fixed the issue of the rocket silo which wouldn’t cause a discrete increase in its products finished count when you completed the rocket
  • Fixed the problem of landmines which would last forever when the friendly fire was disabled
  • Fixed possible crash occurring when you closed the Factorio multiplayer game during loading


  • The blueprint or books or deconstruction item that makes a prototype of the hidden flag will not be shown up in the blueprint library anymore.
  • Additionally, the missing LUA docs index section for setting is added and some wording is also fixed.


  • Fixed assigning invalid index to LuaEntity::graphics_variation, which could cause the crash
  • Fixed the bug of setting LuaItemStack::blueprint_icons, which didn’t work in the correct way
  • Fixed the issue of teleporting entity with rectangular bounding box that would reset bounding box to north orientation and cause desync
  • LuaEntity::products_finished for crafting machines is added.

If you want to experience the releases, you can select the “experimental” beta branch under Factorio’s properties in Steam.

With the developers’ team’s uninterrupted research, you will soon get very useful updates. Thanks for reading!

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