Factorio 0.15.5 Released

Factorio 0.15.5 Released

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Factorio 0.15.5

Factorio is a building survival game in which you have to complete various quests to create the own factories, produce, and find the way to defend yourself from attacks of dangerous native creatures after your ship crashed. The version 0.15.5 is one of the new releases, which gives you the updates about fixes and other information. It will help you have a better experience during the adventure. The patch will focus on a lot of important issues.

Factorio 0.15.5 Released


  • Fixed the crash when you set the character trash slots through the script while you were opening up the character GUI
  • Fixed the crash when you took part in a multiplayer game if the “use different mod setting per save” was disabled
  • Fixed the bug of the blueprint and roboports that would not generate roboport connections
  • Fixed the crash when you were building rails in specific setups while the trains are stocking signals on the rails being altered
  • Fixed the bug where changing graphical variation of a tree from the script or in the map editor
  • Fixed the issue of the flamethrower turret that using 10 times less than recipe that it was assigned
  • Fixed the bug when opening the item GUI was not be refunded
  • Fixed the problem when the burner inserters would fuel themselves with the fuel that they should not use
  • Fixed the crash when you removed chunks in some instances
  • Fixed one direction of hazard concrete which had no the walking sound
  • Fixed the rare crash where you were killed by the locomotive that you had already unlocked
  • Fixed the bug of right clicking the map view buttons that could modify the option but not update the button
  • Fixed the generate map settings which would not be saved when you changed the mod settings through the generate map GUI
  • Fixed the crash when you interacted with the map view buttons in some situations
  • Fixed the crash when you hovered over entities in a few rare cases
  • Fixed the crash when you tried to mine tiles from the zoomed-to-world-view
  • Fixed the crash where you edited speaker parameters in the map editor
  • Fixed the bug that train stops could not show the right name when they were switched remotely
  • Fixed crashes that related to the electric pole or the accumulator removal when migration saves from 0.14 into 0.15
  • Fixed the bug of rail signals which were built by robots, which would frequently make the signals not connect in an accurate way
  • Fixed GUI layout troubles in the rocket silo GUI when you added or removed productivity modules
  • Fixed items on belt flickering when you took over the same position


  • The module inventory insert() that didn’t operate for assembling machines is fixed.

It’s possible for you to explore experimental releases by choosing the “’experimental” beta branch under Factorio’s properties in Steam!

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