Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

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Assemblers & Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belt types

  • Standard (yellow): base speed
  • Fast (red): faster than the Standard belt
  • Express (blue): faster than the Fast belt

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Belt Balancing

When items are from Assembling Machines, inserters will place them on the far side of the belt. You can use the belt balancing technique to keep them balance and fill belts.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Belt balancing technique for a straight section

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Belt balancing technique for the right and left corners

Belt Braiding

It’s possible for you to braid underground belts on a single row with 3 different lines!

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Dual Shipping

If you want to put two types of products on a line, you can dump one on a side of a central line and another on the remaining part. Spilling items to one side of belts will cause them to stay there as well as clear the way for an even flow of inputs.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research


They will create all from the simplest to the most complicated items. Lower-level machines can only make the products with limited inputs and the machines which having the higher-level tech will generate the most difficult ones.

As progress, upgrade assemblers to the highest level to increase the crafting speed and the holding ability. The lower-level machines can be recycled and improved.

Item Color Crafting Speed # of Inputs Module Slots
Assembling Machine 1 grey 0.5 2 0
Assembling Machine 2 blue 0.75 4 2
Assembling Machine 3 yellow 1.25 6 4

Copy and paste production types from assembler to assembler:

Copy: Shift + Right Click.

Paste: Shift + Left Click.

This way also runs on Smart Inserters.

Crafting Times

Assemblers will create products at different rates because some of the items need more time. You will want to base the product ratios around those many times.  Besides, assemblers can load double. Therefore, they can begin another cycle in an instant when the first is completed. However, they will shut down if there is no space to unload products.

If the product depends on the materials that produced in a smaller quantity, you will have to balance this system immediately then.

You will have the time to craft when hovering over a product in the crafting menu or in the assembler production menu:

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research


How Research Works

  • Firstly, open the research screen with the T key. Next, choose a wide variety of topics.
  • And research by clicking on the item on the left-hand side. Yellow items are available currently while red ones are which you need to have more prerequisites and the green are items you have researched.
  • On the right side, you will see the cost. The Tech Tree will give information about where items are relative to other researches; prerequisites other unlocked researches. Effects will show the items and or the benefit which is obtained from researching these topics.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Research Tips

  • When you start to research, you will trigger the processing science packs if all of the necessary ones are available in the lab.
  • Multiple labs will speed the research. But, you should keep an eye on building too many. Your own factories will require enough robust in order to provide materials.
  • It’s enough when you begin to mid-game 10 labs.
  • In case you are trying to withstand the production of science packs, you can put the productive modules in assemblers and labs. To boost them, place a speed beacon near the lab.
  • The purple science which is created from Alien Artifacts can annoy you. Remember to put productivity modules in those assemblers!
  • You should hover over items yields valuable tooltips.

Starting Science

After you join Factorio download game, you can pick Automation to turn it into the first research. It will let you build up Assemblers, machines making everything and start the factory process. If you have not any machine making manufacture science, you will have to craft them in the inventory.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Note: Craft 10 Red Science packs, a lab or to. Place labs down and the Red Science packs in lab then, splitting packs between them. Labs will process these. When the Automation research is finished, fabricate Assemblers. Placing two assembler, a chest, two labs, and inserters is the good way in the early-game Red Science setup.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

In the chest, you will add twice iron, copper plates because of the related ratios. This setup is a useful placeholder to establish the suitable and proper conveyor belt systems so that you will have items automatically delivered to assemblers.

Serious about Science

You can refer these following examples of science setups to learn much more about them.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Iron is used to make gears locally.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

Use gears supplied on the main bus.

Factorio: Assemblers & Conveyor Belts, Science/Research

This example will show a very large science assembly and nearly all materials are from the main bus.

Science Tips

  • You don’t need to have full belts types. Use half-belts instead. Check labs to make sure having access to both of belts, which use the long inserters for the far away ones.
  • At the start of red or green setup, you can lay 5 Red Science Assemblers and 6 Green to feed 10 labs.
  • Add buffer chests to stack up some science packs if necessary. They can stack 200 in a slot.
  • You are allowed to pick out to form the science conveyor belts or not. If your factory is running up to speed, it is not important.
  • Aside from that, the long extra belts coiling the opposite side of the loop can cause over-production in different setups. You can choose it or not.
  • Using a main bus design is better to feed assemblers with various requested materials.


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