Factorio: Friday Facts #115: Settling into Fall

Factorio: Friday Facts #115: Settling into Fall

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The loyal fans of Factorio game now can check out several additional features prior or to programming work starting accurately on 0.15. As far as you know, Factorio is a game centering on building and making a lot of factories in order to manufacture a lot of items. The game completely takes place in a 2D world where the players can fly high their imagination to build up their own factory. The game features a lot of wonderful components which can help the players fulfill their dreams and tasks. Also, joining this Factorio will lead you to many battles against the wicked creatures.

Enhancements to scenarios

A large number of problems in the game have been playtesting and fixed. These issues were shown by the team challenge, and more people that have kept playing makes the game developers think about alterations and optimizations for the game.

There were several alterations that you probably have noticed in the recent change longs, such as player tags, AFK detection, default team chat, as well as the latency concealing of god/ghost controllers. Sending/saving the scenarios after engaging in a server can be a big and important alteration. With this improvement, the player is able to play a scenario from the beginning and hold it after taking parting in a server that has a custom scenario.

The final results of production challenge – Week 1

It was so fun and amazing to spend hours enjoying the team challenge server. There were 5 top excellent players who helped the development team figure out many issues after being destroyed in each round and spending a bunch of hours. Below here are 5 great players:

  • EricWong
  • MotionBlur
  • AntiElite
  • xenocyber
  • NearlyDutch

They are all excellent players trying to demonstrate how tall the ceiling can become. Needless to say, more other players are willing to take on the challenge in the game. The next updates and fixes will be added to the scenario later, in order to give the players new awesome stuff and help them find the game more enjoyable.


For those who want to get involved in this event, they can easily search for “Official Factorio Team Challenge” in the suitable server (version 0.14 needed), then they just click to join. All the teams are at random currently.

Circuit network optimizations for 0.15

The circuit network optimization was way too quick in 0.15. Prior to the optimization, the way the circuit network operated was like this:

  • Each of joined being having signals for sending would dispatch the signals each of game tick
  • Depending on how the signals are joined, they will be summed up altogether.
  • Eventually, the being reading the signals will have to look through this total and respond appropriately.

This remains the same ever since the moment it was being attached in December 2012. It did operate perfectly, but then lots of people began to create comninator contraptions that have 40,000 lamps and 6,000 combinators, which strongly reduced the game.

The circuit network would utilize nearly the similar amount of CPU due to the way it operated. The initial optimization is totaling the signals and assessing circuit conditions each of tick after the signals have been changed, this will be finished. Unluckily, this meant that the circuit network code for the beings that can be connected must be written once again. The second optimization is inside structure. All signals in the circuit network were kept as a std::map<SignalID, int32_t>. Occasionally, some even learned about how ++\’s std::map is extremely slow and wasn’t optimized.  In several instances, boost::container::flat_map was extremely quick, and it didn’t utilize more than half the memory. The game can be up to 2478% quicker and the memory usage will be lowered up to 10%.

Brand New Pump and HD pipes

The idea of liquid wagon for transferring liquid through railway came from an expected feature of the final few Factorio versions. Using many pipes is the only way of transferring liquid wagon for a long distance at the moment.

Before work is able to start on the wagon, the tiny pump had to be designed once again in order to suit the advancing art style and combine with the gameplay mechanics perfectly.


As shown below are a lot of HD pipes. It can become a long transport with a bunch of technical problems. The integration to the version 0.15 has been prepared, so if you are still working on older or less strong machines, don’t be anxious about not being able to update, because the HD sprites are total voluntary.

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