Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

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Resources & Mining

Everything in Factorio game is crafted excluding some natural resources like:

  • Iron: You will never have enough.
  • Copper: It is the second most needed resource.
  • Coal: It is used for power in early-game, later on for several products such as plastic, explosives, etc.
  • Stone: This resource is used in the early game for furnaces, later on for railroads. It is the primary source to build walls so as to block biters.
  • Oil: It appears in the middle-end game. This infinite resource will be dropped to a fraction of productivity after a while.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

  • Trees: They are little used. But, they are effective to craft wooden chests, power poles, etc.
  • Water: They are essential for steam engines along with several oil processes, for example, cracking of one oil type to another.
  • Alien Artifacts: They are important for the high-level research. As we have told, you are recommended to avoid removing alien bases when you create your map. They are the source of Alien Artifacts. Click on the Peaceful Mode!

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Burner Mining& Inserters

  • At the beginning of Factorio download game, you need to have Burner Mining Drills & Burner Inserters in order to produce the electricity. They are powered by Coal. You can deliver them by hand or transport them with conveyor belts.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

  • They are much less efficient than electrical. Thus, you may want to transit to regular inserters once you can.
  • Burner Inserters feed themselves off of a coal line. You don’t need to add feeding when they are connected.
  • The time that you may not want to switch to electrical inserters is on the Burner Inserters feeding Boilers. If the power goes out, electrical inserters will work very slowly or even shut off completely, resulting in clipping your power network.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

  • Burner structures will drain all fuel types in the game consisting of wood, coal, solid fuel, rocket fuel. Remember that Burner Mining drills will only drill the land over which they are placed.

Electric Mining

Electric mining drills have a 5×5 influence square. You can put them with 2 squares in-between. This is handy for power poles or a substation. You can’t get more ore from the deposit if you place them adjacent to each other.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Electrical Grid

The electricity will supply the power to your base. Keep producing it is the important key to productivity in your factory.

  • Note that the power will only be produced when it is connected to energy-consuming structures. The game will automatically adjust power production so as to save the fuel when there is not any requirement for electricity.
  • Besides, electricity will flash the electrical plug symbol if they are not combined to electricity.
  • Steam Engines and Solar Panels will shine the similar symbol when they are not linked to the power panels. They can’t deliver their produced electricity.

Power Distribution Structures

  • Small Poles are often most used. They cover the small area.
  • Medium Poles are effective for you to cover inserters, train station chests from the far distance. They can create simple solar grids.
  • Large Poles or pylons are tiny. But, they are the longest lines which are used to connect long distances.
  • Substation is the best coverage. They are good for complicated solar fields and decreasing power poles.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

  • Power Switch will help you isolate areas belong to your factory in order to turn the power off.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Steam Engines

There is a great rule-of-thumb ratio that you can refer: 1/10/14 = 1 Water Pump, 10 Steam Engines, 14 Boilers.

You should ensure that you have an electrical pole which covers each engine to create its power. If you can’t see any consumer building such as assemblers, inserters, etc., the Steam Engine will continue to flash.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Electricity Priority

Factorio steam will automatically change the power production to fit your needs. Thus, it will use the power in the order below:

  • Solar Panels
  • Steam Engines
  • Accumulators
  • To prioritize Accumulators at night, you should find the Usages of the logic System to connect them to the circuit network.

Simple Solar Setup

In the beginning of the game, you may not get any access to the technology. You can build these efficient structures like:

Set 8 Solar Panels around a Medium Electric Pole

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

Place 48 Accumulators around a Substation

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

The setups that you have had are the good places to grow larger fields. Remember to connect them to the main power lines!

More Efficient Power Usage

If you’d like to maximize the power ratios, you should use the specific ratio of accumulators or solar panels of 0.84. The calculations will be done by the creator of the post. Credits will go to https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5594

Here’s the setup:

  • Size: 48×48 (2304 tiles)
  • Solar Panels: 180
  • Accumulators: 151
  • Substations: 16
  • Roboport: 1

It’s tillable for Logistics & Electric Networks with 1-2 tiles between structures!

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

How to Build a Solar Array

Watch the video to learn how to build a solar array!

Reading the Power Graph

It can make you confused for a long time before you find out the simple method to interpret the data.

  • Tap a power pole to access the Power Graph!
  • Select the time-frame to view longer time periods. You can diagnose the power problems.
  • Consumption and Production are the primary bars you want to see. They are in the upper left-hand corner.

When you have not enough power for the own machinery, this is what happening. You will know Production capacity and the energy consumers need.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

In the following example, you can realize there is too much power for the machines. Steam Engines will adjust their output of power as well as shut off it.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

A normal solar network will have oscillating periods of production. At night, the electricity will stop being generated. Accumulators must step in.

Factorio: Resources, Mining and Electrical Grid

The Normal Power Levels are located at the center line and noted in red. The Accumulators will produce the same amount of electricity at night.

During the morning and evening, solar panels can’t work effectively. So, accumulators are necessary.

During the day, solar panels should increase as high as possible to charge the accumulators and store the energy.

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