Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

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Robots & the Logistics Network


Bots can move cargo around the Factorio download game. There are many kinds of chests:

Chest Types

  • Passive Provider Chest (red): They are most generally used. They store output of assemblers and more. Logistics robots can gather items from these chests to grant you and other Requester Chests.
  • Requester Chest (blue): They will request items from the Logistics network.
  • Storage Chest (yellow): It is a “dumping” chest, in which robots can move everything that deconstructed or trashed through Trash slots.
  • Active Provider Chest (purple): They will actively discard itself.

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

Active Provider chests can break the factory.

Chest Usage

Put a few things into a Passive Provider chest if you need it further down the line of if you don’t want to stop lines together.

At the early-game, you can deposit chests drawing off the main line to resupply materials like Iron & Copper Plate, Steel, etc. for manually crafting. After you complete logistics research, set down a Passive Provider on old chests.

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

Chest Priority

These are chests that you can check.

Bots follow a priority list when they need an item, and check the chests in this order:

  • Active provider chests
  • Storage chests
  • Passive provider chests


In Factorio download game, you will sometimes generate items having many or hard components to reach. If you are in this case, Requester chests are the appropriate choice.

To set up production:

  • Build Assembler.
  • Get a Requester Chest put one tile away and assign an inserter.
  • If you’d like to automatically set a Requester Chest to request the same materials needed in an assembler, you can copy and paste.
    • Pick the production in the Assembler.
    • Shift and right click on the Assembler to copy.
    • Shift and left click on the Requester Chest to paste.

(Note: Requested materials will be applied for only double of the inputs to make one object. Increase sliders to appeal for more and provide a larger buffer).

Done! Robots will convey items from Passive Provider and Storage Chests into the Requester Chest.

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

Research Techs

To make these research topics and improve the logistics system:

  • Worker Robot Speed will support your bots to go faster.
  • Worker Robot Cargo Size will allow your bots to bring more cargo in each trip.
  • Character Logistics Slots will give you a hand to request items to be delivered directly.
  • Character Logistics Trash Slots will recognize to dispose unnecessary items by making bots take them away to Storage Chests.
  • Auto-Trash can auto-set items and remove them when they are chosen. It’s good for wood, ores, and much more.


  • You’d better take control of bots only for medium distance low throughput or low distance medium one. It’s not economical if you ferry a huge amount of stuff around the base. Belts are superior for those applications, too.
  • Aside from this, you have to have enough bots to deliver items around the factory. Logistics bots can ferry materials between chests and you. Meanwhile, construction bots will repair items and build structures.
  • Mouse over a Roboport so as to see the number of bots in the system and learn how many will be used or available.
  • To observe the Logistics/Construction areas, choose a Blueprint or Deconstruction Planner from the inventory.
  • Logistics slots in the inventory should be used to make the suitable order for specific items so that they will be delivered to you. Set quantities with slider bars if you want. To resupply, you must be within the network’s orange zone.
  • Shift and left click to send them from the inventory into the Logistics Trash Slots.
  • You can research Logistics and Trash slots to raise the quantity of available slots.
  • Logistics slots are extremely convenient for you to resupply, order items that are often placed, for example, assemblers, inserters, chests, power poles, etc.

Automating adding robots into the system

Robots & Construction

Constructions with bots can make your task become easier.

Construction is implemented with two different items: Blueprint (Blue Square item) and Deconstruction Planner (Red Square item).

The Blueprint

Blueprints will admit the permission when you design and copy plans to different parts of the factory. Blueprints are reclaimable. Clear them with Shift and right click. You can retain an inventory of various designs to reuse.

To create a Blueprint:

  • Pick the Blueprint. (“Hold” it).
  • From the corner of the area where you want draw up your plan, click and drag over the area.
  • Next, choose the green highlighted items. A tooltip will appear and point you how many of them are included.
  • Use the mouse to release. Then, another window will pop up to ask you if you would like to confirm the new blueprint. Click the red X button and do it again to add anything.

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

To use a Blueprint:

  • Choose the Blueprint. (“Hold” it).
  • Move the mouse over the location where placing the construction. A ghost image will help you see exactly where it will go.
  • Press the left mouse to place after that.
  • The Construction bots will soon overrun.

The Blueprint Book

Blueprint Book stores blueprints. Own multiple books and rename them with the circle symbol on the right side of the name.

Put blueprints in the specified order. To scroll through them, hold the book and press Shift + scroll wheel.

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction

Editing a Blueprint

Right click on the selected blueprint to edit it.

You can:

  • Change its name
  • Delete entities by right clicking
  • Cancel removal by left clicking
  • Remove floor tiles
  • Change the icons
  • Confirm the new blueprint or cancel changes
  • Delete them with the crossed O

Factorio: Robots & the Logistics Network, Robots & Construction


  • Prevent you from putting the blueprint with a normal click. Pressing Shift + left click will allow you to place it. Trees are deconstructed automatically.
  • Useless items can be cleared by right clicking on their shadow.
  • Renew missed items by placing the blueprint over the area again.
  • Uses:
  • Repeatable production lines
  • Train stations and loading areas.
  • Complicated or simple solar panel or accumulator grids
  • Wall turret defense lines
  • Laser turret creep strategies
  • Belt balancers and complicated belt lines
  • Diagonal train track, complete track curves, or junctions or roundabouts
  • A case where you don’t have the item but you want to add it

The Deconstruction Planner

The Deconstruction Planner can remove item. Trees can be cleaned with ease. Wood is present in your inventory. Areas of the factory can be moved.

To run the Deconstruction Planner:

  • Hold the Deconstruction Planner to select.
  • From a corner where you will start, click and drag over the area.
  • While you are dragging, red highlighted items will be chosen. A tooltip pops up to show how many of which items are included.
  • Release it with the mouse button. Bots will begin to remove everything from the map and set most of them in the inventory. The rest will be moved to the Storage Chest.
  • If you make a mistake in selection, quickly cancel it by Shift and selecting with the Deconstruction Planner.
  • Note that the Deconstruction Planner only operates in a green construction zone.


  • There is only one Deconstruction Planner needed. It will be reusable infinitely.
  • You can plan a repeating section of the furnaces and deconstruct the entire area. In the new one, set the blueprint many times.
  • To make maximum use of construction, make all items in the factory and in Passive Chests.
  • Make sure to set all assemblers, chests, modules, and Filter inserters if you create a new planned area.
  • Place a Storage Chest to make the bot’s trip faster if you are deconstructing something great.
  • Wait for the big construction to fulfill before you require bots to embark on another.
  • Hold the item and press Shift to place a construction order without blueprint.
  • To deal with some mess in the middle of the large impassable area, use the Deconstruct planner to choose the items to remove and a blueprint to replace.
  • Use Deconstruction Planner to control bots so that they can pick up alien artifacts.
  • The Deconstruction Planner can remove long-click-time items like walls, trees, and long conveyor belts.


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