Factorio: Train & Oil

Factorio: Train & Oil

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This is the image of the train in the Factorio steam game.

Factorio: Train & Oil


Setting up Oil Production

  • Finding a nice and large space to refine the area is the first task.
  • Refineries & Chemical plants will use many pipes to carry liquids. Adjacent pipes will automatically snap together. You must have lots of rooms.
  • You should build assemblers for pipes and underground pipes.
  • To limit flows, use a lot of underground pipes because they can only connect in one direction.
  • Have the access to water. It is indispensable in Chemical Plant operations.


After you select a large and beautiful open space, set down the own Refineries. You can put mine in a row with the piping configuration.

Factorio: Train & Oil


  • Firstly, the access to Basic Oil Processing is all you have. It helps you get a relatively high percentage of Heavy and Light Oil.
  • To make the Oil Processing run, products must leave the Refinery.
  • You should have at least 1 tank for each type of the oil. With the logic circuits, you can accomplish some cracking balancing.
  • Before you embark on research the Advanced Oil Processing, tanks will serve in order to store excess products.
  • The ultimately tank storage is a temporary solution.

Chemical Plants

  • Chemical Plants will assemble plenty of products, all require liquid in some forms and many require regular products.
  • Manage and sort out logistics. Leave lots of spaces all around.
  • Build systems by shifting tiles slightly.

Factorio: Train & Oil

  • If the Chemical Plant inputs and manufactures liquids, you can build it in your Refining area.

Managing Production

  • Frequently use cracking to transform Heavy and Light Oil into Petroleum to make products that your factory needs.
  • Oil balancing can be very boring.
  • Check the “Usages of the Logic System” section for specific settings and how to exactly set up it.

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  • Pumphacks are miners of oil deposits. Pumpjacks will fit one oil patch. Arrange them to assist them so that they can link to each other with a pipe out.
  • Pumpjacks will decrease their output to a fractional amount. The deposits are unlimited. To increase their depleted state, add level 3 Speed Modules with the same in Beacons surrounding.

Factorio Train,Factorio Oil, Factorio Steam Games, Factorio News

  • Pumpjacks have need of the power to control Large Power Poles out to them n the field. You can connect them to the refinery area with pipes. If the field is distant, ship the oil by train.

Train-sporting Oil

Put oil into the Assembler when the devs add liquid wagons to trains.

  • Sort out Pumpjacks.
  • Trigger a rail line near the Pumpjacks.
  • Have a station with a Filter Inserter and a regular inserter to load Crude Oil Barrels from a chest into the wagon.
  • Set the Assembler in range of chests and combine with inserters. Barrels can be processed while the train is waiting for seconds.
  • Constitute a reciprocal processing station on the side of the main base so as to unload the crude oil. Currently, you can use Filter Inserters to unload Crude Oil Barrels from the wagon.

Factorio Train,Factorio Oil, Factorio Steam Games, Factorio News

  • Craft barrels and feed them into the system.
  • Run the train cargo wagon to possess at least one slot for the Crude Oil Barrels one another for Empty ones. If you own many barrels in the system, the wagon can be filled and unable to choose Filled Barrels.

Factorio Train,Factorio Oil, Factorio Steam Games, Factorio News


  • Underground pipes are possible for you to utilize. They can stop the liquid from mixing by having one side of the output. Nevertheless, they will not prevent the movement of native biters.
  • Place the chemical plants in expandable designs. To expand items like plastic, lubricant, and sulfur, you will need lots of cracking plants once the factory develops largely. Add more refiners to do that. Try to make a plan!
  • Use Pumps to put a stop to liquid mixing.

Factorio Train,Factorio Oil, Factorio Steam Games, Factorio News

How to Set Up Oil Production

Tapping Oil Deposits

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