Friday Facts #160 – Playtesting

Friday Facts #160 – Playtesting

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Friday facts #160 – Playtesting

Friday Facts #160 - Playtesting

This is the first single-player playthrough in a long time containing a lot of new findings for Factorio game. All of the new features are exciting and effective. Besides, blueprint book, auto trash, train conditions and others are also worthy for you to explore.

Finding 1

Factorio download game took many hours to be finished and considered playing the game several times from start to end.
When playing like that, the author detected a lot of problems needed to solve. The complete change of playstyle in different stages of the game is described like this: Burner → research → mass production → trains → multi-belt setups → construction robots → even bigger mass production → automated delivery → modules → multi-platform stations → rocket. He felt that the game context should not be added too much because it can become more complex for the beginners. So, it means that when they add nuclear power, dirty mining and others, there will be something changed for the vanilla part. The expansion pack can be done with additional phases of Factorio game and space exploration. However, they will be another story. The additional complexity
must be optionally available via modding. It is the reason why the native mod support was created. Optimizations can make big factories work smoother.

Finding 2

The second finding in the playtesting of Factorio download game. That is the effects of research changes.
If the research gets the higher tiers, they will cost more. Of course, they are more expensive and slower if they are compared to the current 0.14. This is believed to be a good thing. Select the important research and you have the time to travel around most of the stages of military options when the game progressed.

Finding 3

The finding 3 will give you the most needed changes in Factorio steam.
You know, the best way to improve this amazing game is to minimize the annoying parts of the gameplay. And this is the list of changes for 0.15.

  • Decrease the bounding box of burner mining drills together with chemical plants and pumpjacks. Thus, it’s possible for you to walk in between them.
  • Improve the stack size of belts, walls, and pipes from 50 to 100. This is made mainly for the later stage with personal roboports where having not enough belts and walls for train stations and expansions.
  • Find out the effective way to low-level personal construction robots earlier.
  • Change the oil, the minimum yield will have to depend on the starting yield. So, the fields will become better later.
  • There are more oil fields. However, setting them is just a chore for the big ones. It would be better if they are set fewer with higher yield.
  • MK2 personal roboport is something very good. The limit for each roboport is not enough in the later stage when building the bigger setups.
  • Concrete should not be the blue science.
  • The electric furnace should be cheaper.Especially, when it is in the science packs.
  • Shift-Click for ghost placement should go through trees and rocks as blueprints.
  • Upgrade the belt building mechanics in Factorio steam. From that, building by dragging will create a continuous belt.
  • Limit turret creeping because it is the powerful way with a turret activation time. When it makes the expansion become harder, the resource get larger from the center will be higher.
  • Merge items with different health. It means that when players lose precious items as two 49% items will merge into one. This will help players avoid repairing both.
  • MK2 version of boiler and steam engine will be necessary with the nuclear power. Also, it should be useful for the conventional coal power generation.

Finding 4

This finding will talk about the interactive tips and tricks essential for you when playing Factorio download game. There are plenty of tips and shortcut which make the gameplay easier. You should learn the little interactive tutorial that will unlock when it is related.

  • If you build the first locomotive, you should read the guide to carry out a train schedule unlocked.
  • If you build the second, you can research the tutorial of rail signals unlocked.
  • In case you build 50 rail signals, you can refer the tips of chain signals unlocked.
  • And if you build 10 requester chests, the tutorial, that copies and pastes from assembler to the requester chest, is very important.

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